Balarama ( An incarnation of Vishnu)arrow

Balarama ( An incarnation of Vishnu)

Balarama is seen here standing in a mild abhanga pose. His left leg is firmly planted while the right leg which is slightly ahead is somewhat relaxed. Balarama is standing on a lotus which is placed on a pedestal with threefold projectuions(tri-ratha). The black stela against which the figure of balarama is relieved, has been kept severely plain. Anattempt is made here to cut out the contour line of the figure with the idea of offering a three dimensional effect to the image.
Balarama has a five-hooded snake canopy over his head. Balarama is known as snake god personified. Balarama is seen wearing a short loin cloth while the upper part of his body is kept bare.An ornamental head gear is seen attached to his coiffured hairs. His ornaments include Kundalas, a hara, a svrana upavita, keyuras, angadas, balayas, nupuras and a kotibandha. A long vanamala dangles down from his shoulder to his knees.

Black Chlorite Stone

Art category:

50 * 97 cms
Execution Year: 
Ca. 10th Century AD.
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