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Durga Mahishasuramardini

This is unique twenty handed image of Durga Mahishasuramardini (Durga Killing Buffalo- demon). In her ten right hands, the goddess holds a Wheel (chakra), a Lotus (padma), a Drum (damaru), Abhaya mudra, a Thunderbolt (vajra),a Pitcher (kalasa), a quiver damaged one, a pestle (musala) and a Trident (trisula). In her left hands she holds a chakra (actually the two upper most right and left hands hold a common discuss), a Bell (ghanta), a Battle axe (parasu), a Conch (sankha), aclub made of bone and skull (khatuanga), aBow (dhanusa), a Skull cup (kapala), a Trident (sula), a Noose(pasa) and the last one broken.

Sand Stone

Art category:

38 * 63 cm
Execution Year: 
Ca. 11th Century AD
Central India
Accession Number: 
CP- 537