Nayika with a Childarrow

Nayika with a Child

This graceful heroine (Nayika) is seen standing in an attractive flexion. Her lower part of the body is relieved in profile while her upper part is frontally treated. She is seen in the attitude of taking a walk. Two handed Nayika, carries a kamandalu in her right hand and by her left, she carries a child. The child is seen fondling the left breast of our Nayika. The upper part of the body of the Nayika has been kept bare exposing thereby a pair of voluptuous breasts and her belly is shown mildly flabby. She wears a short loin cloth which is firmly held by a waist band and number of loops hang from the waist band and these are stretched upto her thigh. She stands against a pilaster. A garland of beads passes through the middle of her right hand.

Red Sand Stone

Art category:

34 * 94 cms
Execution Year: 
Ca. 13th Century AD
Accession Number: 
C- 127